1 x UT206 Jones Utility Trouper Stand Bag - PACIFIC BLUE

1 x ST211 Storm Towel - BLK/BLK

1 x SC111 Storm Cover - Driver - BLK/BLK/RED - FULL SEND

1 x SC111 Storm Cover - Fairway - BLK/BLK/RED - BIRDIE

OPTIONAL:  Personalization provided on each item in standard position as shown, with choice of font for all text.


Inspired by the Pacific Northwest and maintaining the pocketing and styling of the original Utility Stand bag while improving several functional features, the Trouper is a truly modern golf bag.  Larger yet lighter, the Trouper design provides improved functionality, yet stays consistent with the simplicity for which Jones is known.  A larger 5-way top provides ample room for 14 clubs and oversized grips.  The new easy-grab handle, combined with the improved stand function, makes for effortless handling and lifting.  Simplified double shoulder straps and added lumbar cushion enhance comfort and keep you fresh for another 18.  



  • 5-way top with integrated easy-grab handle

  • Improved stand function

  • Insulated beverage pocket with 2-can capacity

  • Added lumbar cushion for improved comfort

  • Jones traditional centerline single strap with secondary double strap

  • Swivel accessory clip

  • Mesh Bluetooth speaker and phone pocket

  • Pockets: 8

  • Weight: 5 lbs.


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