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Made with Rip-stop Nylon sourced from 100% Recycled PET

Utility Trouper 2.0 - R Series
Trouper 2.0 Sust Sienna 3-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Creme 2-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Clay Green 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Stone 1-medium.png
Trouper Icons.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Sonoma 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Olive-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Navy 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Fun Fetti 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Black 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Forest Green 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Charcoal_Sienna 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Charcoal 1-medium.png
Made with 100% Recycled Fabric


Golf is now even more sustainable with the introduction of Jones’ new Utility Trouper 2.0-R series.  Made with rip-stop nylon materials sourced from 100% Recycled PET single-use plastic bottles, the Trouper’s construction yields a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions vs standard double-strap golf bags.  With refreshed pocketing for ease of function, the Trouper 2.0 tweaks the style of Jones’ best seller.  With a large front cooler pocket, you’ll have plenty of room for your in-round beverages.  The restyled apparel pocket features a new valuables compartment on the side, and a stress-free phone pocket on top.  The large 5-way top provides ample room for 14 clubs and over-sized grips.  The new easy-grab handle combined with the improved stand function makes for effortless handling and lifting.  Simplified double shoulder straps and added lumbar cushion help stave off fatigue and keep you fresh for another 18. 



  • 5-way top with integrated easy-grab handle

  • Improved stand function

  • Insulated beverage pocket with 2-can capacity

  • Added lumbar cushion for improved comfort

  • Jones traditional centerline single strap with secondary double strap

  • Swivel accessory clip

  • Mesh Bluetooth speaker and phone pocket

  • Pockets: 7 + 1 Large Cooler Pocket

  • Weight: 5 lbs.

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 3.08.26 PM.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Creme 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Clay Green-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Sienna 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Stone-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Sonoma-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Navy-medium (1).png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Fun Fetti-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Olive 1-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Forest Green-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Charcoal_Sienna-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Charcoal-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust Black-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust creme vertical-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust clay green vertical-medium.png
Trouper 2.0 Sust sienna vertical-medium.png
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