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Canadian Made

Player's Towel | Rain Hood

"The multi-layer combo of golf towel and rain hood is brilliant and super convenient…two key needs taken care of…and you don’t have to go fishing in your bag for the hood when it starts raining. You just flip it over. 


It’s dead easy to put over your clubs, rather than snapping buttons or stretching elasticized bands across the top of the bag."

Tim O'Connor

Head Coach, University of Guelph Varsity Golf Team

Mental Performance Coach, ClubLink Academy 

Co-host Swing Thoughts podcast

Author, The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story

Storm Towel 2.0 White
Storm Towel 2.0 Black
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Always in Play, Rain or Shine

Whether it's a casual weekend round with friends or the final round of the club championship, STORM TOWEL is built tough to perform under all playing conditions.  Use the large cotton terry towel inner side to wipe grooves clean after you flush that wedge into a tucked pin.  Then simply detach the marine-grade stainless-steel carabiner latch from your bag and use STORM TOWEL to clean your ball as you stare down that testy 4-footer for bird.

When the skies threaten, just flop STORM TOWEL over the top of your bag for instant protection for your clubs from a sudden down-pour or a steady all-day rain, shielded by its durable rip-stop nylon shell with silicone undercoating for maximum water resistance.  No snaps or zippers to fuss with.  Simple and easy.

Use with any golf bag

Stormy Sky.png
Storm Towel 2.0 Grey
SU Storm Towel_edited.jpg
Storm Towel Multi layer Performance



  • Rip-stop outer shell with silicone under-layer

  • Cotton Terry-towel layer for maximum cleaning performance


  • Industrial triple-stitch polyester UV-protected seaming for strength


  • Marine-grade stainless steel grommet for toughness


  • Marine-grade super-strong stainless steel carabiner hook

  • Dimensions:  19.5" x 19.5" (49.5cm x 49.5cm)


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Cleaning:          Machine wash - cold water (towel-side out).         Dryer - low heat.

Plush cotton terry towel ready to wipe grooves clean after you spin that wedge over the bunker into a tight pin

Storm Towel Gromet

Super-strong marine-grade stainless-steel grommet and carabiner for maximum durability in all conditions

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Storm Towel Design your Own
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Design Your Own

  • Choose your Storm Towel colour ​

  • Choose your decoration colour 

  • Choose your icon

  • Choose your phrase  OR  write your own!

Storm towel 2.0 - Grey - Birdies and Eagles
Storm Cover 2.0
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