Jones Ranger

Jones Ranger

Shag Bag & Cooler Bag


Put in the hours at the chipping green with the Jones Ranger shag bag that comfortably holds 6 dozen practice balls.  In the off-season, shag pucks to the rink for on-ice practice.   When you’re not toting golf balls or shagging pucks, toss in 6 cold ones and ice as the ideal companion for your venture beyond the fairway.  As the best selling Jones product, the Ranger is perfect for a unique gift or tailored tee prize. Personalize your practice by customizing your Ranger with a Jones logo, nicknames, or company logo.


  • Top: 7.75”

  • Height: 14"

  • Weight: 1.15lbs

  • Material: 1260 Nylon, Jones Vinyl, Insulated Liner

  • Comfortably fits 6 dozen balls, 24 hockey pucks or 6 cold ones with ice

  • Custom embroidery available


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